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The HR Tech Trends are Restructuring HR Operations

MNCs and IT firms are increasingly relying on HR tech trends to streamline HR operations. In fact, the technological innovations are restructuring the overall HR operations at a fast pace. Both AI and automaton play an integral role in this transformation. The HR technology market witnessed an investment of 12 billion dollars in 2021 - a highly encouraging statistic for tech start-ups. This article will let you know more about the trending technologies that are currently reshaping the global HR operations. Kindly read on.

AI-driven hiring

The application of AI and ML helps to automate the repetitive, manual tasks associated with recruitment, thereby improving overall operational efficiency. Several software solutions facilitate AI-driven recruitment for companies of varying sizes and domains. And they provide a wide range of services ranging from candidate screening, interactions, and video screening to recommendation and shortlisting of candidates.

The benefits of conducting AI-driven recruitments are listed below.

  • Helps the hiring team take data-driven decisions.
  • AI presents the opportunity to the apt candidate, the apt candidate to the hiring team. To add on, the use of AI-driven tools for recruitment ensures the quality of the candidate.
  • Automates sourcing, screening and scheduling procedures.
  • Offer personalized information to candidates, staff and hiring team.
  • Remote monitoring of campaigns
hr kiosk solutions
HR kiosk

HR kiosks or Employee Self-service kiosks

HR kiosks or Employee self-service (ESS) kiosk facilitate proper inclusion of staff which includes deskless staff. HR kiosks are equipped to automate and streamline the HR responsibilities. Automated self-service kiosks serve as a “communication link” between the HR department and the employees. HR kiosk solutions come in various designs and configurations like floor standing, wall-mount, and through-wall. If installed in the office premises, the employees can make use of the kiosk machine to access the HR information and updates, preventing face-to-face interactions.

HR self-service kiosks automate most of the HR responsibilities, thereby assisting the department in resolving burning issues like HR staff shortage, rising expenses, human errors, time constraints etc. A well-configured HR self-service kiosk is loaded with various hardware components that simplify several time-consuming HR operations. The Employee self-service kiosk machines feature, document scanner, printer, fingerprint scanner, barcode scanner, telephone, cash acceptor, keyboard and mouse etc. based on the HR requirements.

And the HR kiosk functionalities include:

  • Instant issuance of salary certificate
  • Instant issuance of HR Services
  • Signing or printing of HR forms.
  • Employee on-boarding & profile management.
  • Automated employee training
  • Employee recruitment
  • Request submission and authorization
  • Access payroll information
  • Gather employee feedback or complaints
  • Publish information regarding special events and functions
  • Remote monitoring of campaigns

Panashi FZCO is a technology solutions provider focusing on self-service kiosk software and hardware integration and implementation. Panashi undertakes the end-to-end HR kiosk requirements of clients belonging to varying verticals.

hr self service kiosk
hr kiosk analytics

Improved Performance Management through Analytics

The conventional performance management strategies are fading away at a fast pace due to the implementation of HR Analytics in HR.

Staff performance has to be tracked without fail to keep an eye on the growth trajectory of the company. Companies can rely on performance management analysis in connection with performance appraisals. The analytics help companies to track the individual performance of the employees, compare their performances, determine the appraisal, etc. The paramount benefit of implementing HR Analytics in HR Management is that it helps HR managers take data-driven, accurate decisions. And data-driven decisions become instrumental in the growth of any organisation.

The benefits of HR Analytics are many and they are listed below.

  • Makes HR decision-making process evidence-driven instead of based on assumptions, trends and prejudices.
  • Enhance the quality of hiring.
  • Conduct efficient planning.
  • Figure out skill deficits.
  • Gather crucial data based on employee feedbacks.
  • Prevent safety-related issues based on incident reports.
  • Predict future requirements based on the existing data.

The HR tech trends, namely, artificial intelligence, self-service kiosk automation and HR Analytics are restructuring the overall HR experience. Yes, these technologies have the potential to improve HR productivity by leaps and bounds. Building rapport with the employees, improving HR productivity, and investing time in more creative and rewarding jobs would transform HR operations. And its positive implications would convert to organizational growth and success.