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Telematics & fleet management solution

In Telematics & fleet management, it is very vital to have real-time data and having a total vision of the transformational ecosystems to solve transportation issues before they become costly problems. With Panashi Fleet Management Solution (NIMBLE), you can achieve real-time intelligence and meet all compliance rules and requirements. NIMBLE is a comprehensive end-to-end solution that address your fleet’s operational challenges and ensure efficiency which result in increased turn over. NIMBLE is a IoT based solution provides 360-degree coverage which tells you even minute information of your fleets starting from the temperature of your refrigerated inventory to advanced driver’s behavioral patterns. Connect tens, hundreds, even thousands of endpoints, from tires, to fuel tanks, to onboard cameras, sensors, and infotainment systems, and manage them all from one interface. NIMBLE Fleet Management Solution provides all essential fleet requirements including vehicle dispatching, cost tracking, monitoring, telematics, surveillance and much more.

NIMBLE enable the development of applications that can identify vehicle issues and immediately notify drivers about maintenance requirements in order to avoid costly downtimes. It also allow managers to improve fleet efficiency and productivity. NIMBLE allows full control of your fleet’s performance at all levels. From fleet operators to drivers to the actual vehicle operations, the solution covers everything that fleet operators need.

The benefits of NIMBLE

Our NIMBLE Fleet Management solution ensures rapid ROI by tracking expenses, depreciation, maintenance, vehicle ticket and violations. NIMBLE directly starts reflecting in your profitability in quick time by identifying the area of effective fleet utilization & reducing expenditure.

  • Total control over your devices and to your vehicle
  • Real time visibility of your fleet
  • Control, manage, report and analyze through dashboards.
  • Reduction in vehicle travelling to site
  • Reduction in fuel consumption
  • Reduction in accidents and injuries
  • Increased labour productivity
  • Increased driver and vehicle safety
  • Prevent fraudulent activity
  • Improved and increased vehicle life span
  • Allow customization to best fit your company’s requirements.
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