Facial Recognition Project for IQRAA Hospital

Machine Learning Based Attendance System

IQRAA International Hospital and research Centre, a leading healthcare provider in Calicut, Kerala, India with 300-bed, 107 Doctors, 650 Nursing and Paramedical staffs, 325 technical and supportive staffs and 215 administrative staff. IQRAA also have paramedical institutions like School of Nursing (GNM), College of Nursing (B. Sc Nursing), College of Pharmacy (D. Pharm, B. Pharm & M. Pharm), and College of Physiotherapy (BPT), and IQRAA Academy (B Voc in Dialysis Technology, Diploma in Sterilization Technology etc.)

Panashi is implementing a unique solution for IQRAA through which the attendance of the employees will be automatically detected and recorded when they are in the hospital premise. This solution is expected to reduce the workload of HR and accountants tremendously.

What our solution does is it will analyze the video footages received from the CCTV cameras of the hospital, and will recognize the face of the employees from the video and shall record their attendance in the system with 96d% accuracy. We use mainly machine learning and computer vision technologies in this solution. This is a real time attendance system with advanced features and reporting tools. The CCTV cameras shall be digital or analog, our system is capable to process the footages from any type of CCTV cameras. A seamless and highly accurate facial recognition and attendance system would become a milestone for IQRAA and expected to improve the overall efficiency of the hospital in a big way.

In the next phase of the project, Panashi will also be adding asset tracking to this solution through which the employees and other valuable assets also be tracked real-time.

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