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Streamline Airport Operations with Panashi Airports Kiosks

Airports kiosks significantly help in streamlining the day-to-day operations in airports. Panashi airports kiosks automate airport check-in process by streamlining the mundane, time-consuming, counter-oriented tasks that are handled by human personnel. In this blog, the benefits of deploying Panashi airport check-in kiosks are furnished in a lucid way considering the aspects pertaining to both the passengers and the airport management.

What is an airport kiosk ?

An Airport kiosk is simply a self-service kiosk that automates the airport check-in formalities of the passengers.

Airport check-in kiosk helps the passengers perform the check-in process and acquire their boarding passes without human intervention.

airport kiosk
airport check in kiosk

How to issue boarding pass using Panashi check-in kiosk?

The instructions to issue boarding pass via Panashi check-in kiosk are listed below.

  • 1. The kiosk prompts a passenger identification request.
  • 2. Enter your booking reference number, E-ticket number or Frequent Flyer number.
  • 3. After verifying the passenger credentials (which takes few seconds), the kiosk instantly prints the boarding pass to the passenger.

Components of Panashi Airport kiosk

Panashi Airport kiosks are loaded with the following components.

  • Passport scanner
  • Biometric reader
  • Smart ID card reader
  • Touchscreen
  • Camera

Benefits pertaining to the travelers

  • Eliminate queue – The passengers need not stand in long lines to print their boarding passes.
  • Reduced waiting time – Panashi self-service check-in kiosks drastically reduce the waiting time. Reduced waiting time always leaves a smile on the passengers.
  • 24/7 functionality – the air travelers can access the check-in kiosk 24/7. The self-service kiosks operate with utmost efficiency and accuracy.
  • If passengers, for some reason, cannot follow the instructions on the kiosk screen, they can seek the help of the airport staff.
airport self service kiosk

Benefits pertaining to the airport management

Usually, airports experience peak traffic during weekends. The peak-time traffic puts much strain on the airport staff as they have to attend to too many passengers at counters. This builds up long lines of passengers at the counter waiting for their turn. To add on, airports demand high security, and an iota of human error can bring about undesirable consequences.

airport self check in kiosk
  • Efficient and swift check-in - Automation streamlines the check-in process and reduces the strain on the airport employees. The employees need not perform the mundane tasks that might hamper their productivity. As a result, the management may better utilize the employees for more lucrative options like customer service.
  • Branding - Airport kiosks serve as effective branding portals. The ads get viewed by thousands of travelers both domestic and international.
  • Reduced expenses – Irrespective of the domain, self-service kiosks reduce overhead expenses to a good extent. The airport authorities need not invest on a large workforce to perform the basic, mundane tasks like greeting the customers and answering their queries. To add on, the authorities can save costs pertaining to employee recruitment and training.
  • Improved customer engagement – Panashi airport check-in kiosks are loaded with an easy-to-use interface and interactive touchscreen. This improves customer engagement.
  • Remote monitoring - the kiosk or the kiosk network can be managed by the IT team from a remote location. And this includes almost all the vital aspects like system performance, updates, tweaks, branding content etc.
  • Passenger-friendliness - Panashi airport kiosk helps authorities transform the airport premises into a more responsive and passenger-friendly environment.
  • Get passenger feedback – Getting valuable passenger feedback is vital to make the necessary improvements.


The airport’s responsiveness to the needs of the passengers is vital, be it a government-owned or privately-owned airport. Understanding the specific needs of the passengers, addressing those needs, timely response to passenger requests, passenger-friendly staff and many other factors play a crucial role in determining the airport’s responsiveness. Self-service kiosks have immense potential to address the needs of passengers in an airport setting. The automated kiosks have become very familiar in almost all sectors and have gained widespread acceptance. The users appreciate the “freedom and control” associated with self-service kiosk interaction. To add on, this unique customer empowerment takes place with minimum human intervention.

The right blend of automation and customer service can revitalize the overall airport experience of the passengers.