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Mathematical Modelling

Mathematical modelling is one of the finest mechanism to simulate the operations and interactions of a business. In Mathematical modelling, a business is considered as a system is in continuous interaction with other subsystems through well-defined interfaces. The subsystems are used to represent entities like customers, suppliers, creditors, regulatory authorities, transporters, warehouses and etc. The real benefit of Mathematical modelling is to get a sense of the future outcomes of business activities. Future operational hazards, revenue, profit, product quality, customer satisfaction and etc of a business can be studied using mathematical modelling. The main advantage of the mathematical modelling over the traditional forecasting is the accuracy, mathematical modelling is supposed to give the most accurate results under the assumptions that the inputs are accurate and complete.

Even though Mathematical modelling is beneficial across all the spectrum of the businesses we focuses to solve some of the hardest problems in the following domains


Premium calculations of policies involving uncertain risks


Repayment capacity of borrowers

Petrochemical Industry

Operational availability of plants


Viability study


Social impact of policies

Mathematical Modelling Solution

An added advantage of mathematical modelling is to avail the benefits of the best decisions. The prosperity of a business depends on the decisions made by its leaders. In short, the prosperity of the business depends on individuals, and this makes the future of the businesses uncertain. Today, there is an acute shortage of trained and well-informed decision-makers, and this gap opens up a new risk to businesses. Under this context, we introduce the noble technology called automated decision-makers.

We have developed a versatile decision-making engine based on SMT solvers, this decision-making engine reads the mathematical model and the contextual constraints as input and produces the best available decision to that particular context. This decision making attempts can be repeated on a daily or hourly basis. Mathematical modelling along with automatic decision-making engine will eliminate every human error and will result in ideal businesses. As a result of the above technologies, the above business domains can be improved as follows

  • Insurance - Highest coverage ratio
  • Banking - Zero NPA
  • Petrochemical Industry - All-time availability, highest profit and zero accidents
  • Startup - Successful firms
  • Government - Successful policies