Bill Payment Kiosk Solutions

Say Good-bye to Conventional Billing - Install Bill Payment Kiosk

Bill payment kiosks are nothing but self-service kiosks that accept payments in connection with purchase of a product or service.

A bill payment kiosk manages all the responsibilities of a conventional cashier or billing executive in the most efficient manner. The job of a cashier is highly monotonous in nature as the employee needs to do it on a daily basis. A typical bill payment kiosk fully takes care of this monotonous affair and sets the employee free. As a result, the organization can reassign the employee to undertake other value-oriented tasks.

Bill payment kiosks eliminate human intervention in the process of payment through automation.

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Bill payment kiosk types

Now, let’s have a look at the different types of bill payment kiosks.

Bill payment kiosks come in various sizes and designs. Generally, they are installed based on the purpose of installation and fall into the category of Outdoor and Indoor payment kiosks.

Outdoor kiosks are generally installed for outdoor operations and therefore they are rugged, weatherproof and strongly-built. The freestanding, booth-like boxes deployed at streets and places of public gathering are outdoor kiosks. They withstand rains, snow and sunlight.

Indoor kiosks are meant for in-store installation purposes and are flexible when it comes to size and design aspects.

Other than the aforementioned payment kiosk types, we have the semi-outdoor and custom kiosks . Semi outdoor kiosks are usually deployed outside the building premises but remains protected from rain and sunlight with the aid of a cabin or enclosure. Custom kiosks are manufactured based on the unique requirements of the clients.

How payment kiosks serve businesses

Flexibility and impeccable design - payment kiosks are highly flexible in terms of design and size. The client may install a payment kiosk based on unique requirements considering the branding and feasibility factors. Panashi bill payment kiosks are loaded with intuitive screens that are highly user-friendly. Once the user gets the hang of it, he or she would visit the kiosk again and again for payment purposes.

Support all modes of payments – accepts cash and card payments (magnetic stripe, chip cards). Panashi kiosk supports cardless payments too. Customers may also make use of the Google pay and Apple pay payment platforms. Facilitating a wide range of payment options attracts a large cross-section of the society with varying interests without prioritizing any specific category.

Seamless service – Kiosk functions 24/7 without any interruptions or breaks.

Improved employee utilization – the bill payment kiosk serves as a feasible alternative to a full-time employee. As a result, the business may re-assign the employee to manage more rewarding endeavors like marketing or sales.

Remote monitoring facility – The business may monitor the status of the payments 24/7.

Professional support – We offer professional support to our clients, and our customer support team is very friendly and knowledgeable.

Scalability and customizability – Our payment kiosk solution supports the future expansion plans of the clients. And we offer a plethora of customization options too.

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Crucial points to remember before signing a deal

Here are some of the vital points you should keep in mind before signing an agreement with a kiosk service provider.

  • Have a precise understanding of the expertise of the self-service kiosk provider. Go through the portfolio of the company and get to know their previous experience in payment kiosk domain. Have a clear understanding of the company’s capability, professionalism, and after-service. Gather a clear picture about the quality standards, and various other procedures involved in kiosk fabrication.
  • Make sure the kiosk provider uses top-tier hardware peripherals in the fabrication process. Ensure customer support and availability of hardware peripherals in the future.
  • The kiosk provider should be able to provide a complete payment solution that supports all payment platforms or methods like card, contactless, cheque and cash.

Panashi FZCO is a leading self-service kiosk provider based in the Middle-east. We provide both general-purpose and custom-made bill payment kiosk solutions for diverse domains.

Please let us know your requirements. We’ll work it out together.