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What Is a Bill Payment Kiosk Machine?

A bill payment kiosk is a self-service kiosk machine that accepts a bill payment for any specific service or product offered. Bill payment kiosks are widely deployed in the service sector. Most of us are familiar with these machines deployed in telecom, health-care, banking, entertainment, transportation, government etc. Bill payment kiosks eliminate human intervention at cash collection points. The service providers may install fully-equipped bill payment kiosks to automate the collection process. It helps eliminate the monotonous jobs of the employees and, in the process, reassign them to tasks that would bring more value to the organization.

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Types of Panashi bill payment kiosks

bill payment kiosk for indoor

Indoor Kiosk

Indoor kiosks are more compact than outdoor ones and come in a wide range of sizes and designs. From tablet-sized to freestanding ones, indoor kiosks have the advantage of flexibility.

bill payment kiosk for outdoor

Outdoor Kiosk

Outdoor kiosks are all-weather kiosks that are deployed for outdoor requirements. They withstand rain, snow, heat and offer uninterrupted operation. They are usually free-standing and strongly-built to withstand external impacts.

bill payment kiosk semi outdoor

Semi-Outdoor Kiosk

Semi outdoor kiosks are usually installed adjacent to the building premises, inside a roofed cabin which permits external access for the customers.

custom bill payment kiosk

Custom Kiosk

Custom kiosks are manufactured to meet specific requirements of the clients. The size and design aspects vary to suit those requirements. Our team at Panashi, design and manufacture custom bill payment kiosks that suit the unique requirements of the client.

Benefits to users

The benefits are so obvious and they deal with practicality.

  • Convenience – the user or customers can make use of the bill payment kiosk at their convenience. If the bill payment kiosk machine is installed at all important locations, customers needn’t have to visit the collection point of the service provider. Bill payment kiosk becomes a rewarding option in remote locations where a physical branch or collection center is not feasible. Here, a small footprint kiosk can serve the purpose with minimum investment.
  • Freedom – Automated bill payment solutions offer considerable freedom to the customers when it comes to purchasing products and services.
  • Saves time – Self-service kiosks are known for their efficient functioning, and software capabilities. These machines save the precious time of the customers which is otherwise lost in the queue.

Loaded with diverse payment options

  • Accepts cash in any all denominations.
  • Panashi payment kiosks accept cash, card and cardless payment.
  • Accepts, Apple pay, Google pay payment platforms.
  • In a business-perspective, the benefits are highly rewarding and liberating.
  • Appealingly designed, intuitive interface – Panashi bill payment kiosks are meticulously designed. The design and interface aspects attract customers to the kiosk.
  • Avoid long queues – customers can avoid the long queues and pay their bills hassle-free.
  • Fast, uninterrupted service – Automated bill payment kiosk machines provide fast, efficient service.
  • Better employee utilization– the business may re-assign the employees to accomplish value-addition tasks.
  • Allows remote monitoring – the kiosk machine can be accessed and monitored from a single point to track payments. You may engage multiple kiosk machines in a network and monitor the performance of an integrated system. Based on the number of machines installed, both individual and collective performance-monitoring are possible.
  • Direct customer involvement – the interaction takes place between the business and the customer. The specific action to be taken is decided by the customer and there is no 3rd party involved. Fast, efficient service clubbed with user-freedom leads to improved customer satisfaction. And it is a universally accepted fact that satisfied customers, in turn, bring in new customers.
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  • Plethora of sleek and modern designs with minimal footprint
  • Endless customization
  • Kiosk machines that fit all environment, indoor, outdoor, semi-outdoor, desktop etc.
  • Customized designs and branding as per client’s requirement
  • Highly scalable system
  • Intuitive graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Easy integration
  • Quick delivery
  • High availability and flexibility
  • Best support services

Our team is a group of young, dynamic and experienced professionals who love what they do. Get in touch with Panashi designers and technical experts for anything related to kiosk, be it consultation or installation. We are at your service!

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