How can AI help charities and donations?

Discuss the scope of new revolution in Charity

Charities are actively engaging with donors to raise funds online and offline. They conduct fund raising campaigns over the internet, which generally receive good response. Charities are using the power of social media to outreach to mass audience in quick time. This helps them to raise substantial amount of donation. However, online donation campaigns are an expensive ordeal, as charities are bound to spent significant amounts towards marketing.

  • Charity kiosks are equipped to receive all type of payments (donations) including hard cash, card and contactless payments.
  • Charity kiosks ensure easy mobility, making it possible to move from one location to another based on foot traffic. This flexibility certainly useful for charities during fund raising events.
  • The kiosk makes a quick emotional bonding with the donor through its capability to display empathetic videos and images of the campaigns.
  • The kiosks provide location based and campaign based analytical data
ai charity

However, the charity ecosystem is also undergoing disruption following the introduction of ChatGPT. AI is the buzzword across industries and people of all age, ethnicity and income are eagerly looking for the advancement it can bring in to their business and life. It is expected to revolutionize how business and individual leveraged technology for a long period now. This soon become a ‘then’ and AI is now getting ready to take over the next few decades of technological advancements on earth.

AI charity self service kiosk

Here we will discuss the 5 most important innovations took place in the charity sector:

1. AI Chatbots

Chatbots swiftly answers the questions potential donors raise and provide necessary information about the campaigns, donations methods, donation amounts, one-time donations and monthly recurring donations and so on. This helps the donors to quickly get all necessary information about charities and to donate.

2. AI based Charity Kiosks

The advanced charity kiosks provide deep analytical reports about donor’s tendency of donating and the inclinations towards the various campaigns. These charity kiosks also provide a better engagement with donors and are highly capable for attracting the potential donors to the kiosk.

3. AI on social media

AI can analyze the social media and understand the trends of giving, people’s perception on social issues with an orientation on charity, discussions and debates in social media towards assisting the needy people and so on. This could potentially help charities to analyze the trends and better allocation of funds.

4. Predictive analysis

AI make analyze the potential donors behavioral patterns and predicts the next donation he or she makes. This is highly useful for the charities to run customized campaigns that is of his or her interest. This shall pay back well to the charities as the potential donors much likely donate to the campaigns of their interest.

5. AI helps for better fund allocation

Fund allocations to the most deserved people or cause is a challenge for charities. And this should be an area that need much focus and should be efficiently handled. AI help charities to analyze the various factors and parameters and produce reasonable predictions on how the fund should be allocated. This helps the charities for optimal utilization of the funds to ensure the neediest people or cause are most funded.

No doubts technology in general is taking big leap and the driving factor is AI. The big question is how charities are adopting to this technology advancement and getting benefits out of it. If the AI is used in optimal manner, the charities shall be rewarded immensely.