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Charity Kiosk Solution

charity kiosk

Why should people donate their hard-earned money for some unknown or unclear cause?

The question asked is very relevant, and every charity organization should introspect the same.

And that particular “Why” would bring out the relevance of Panashi charity kiosk solution.

Panashi supplies highly intuitive and responsive donation kiosks that are designed to meet specific campaign goals with guaranteed results.


Why install Panashi Charity Kiosk?

Our charity kiosks are engineered keeping in mind the psychology of the donors – the emotional connect. Features that make our kiosk solution highly unique and effective are listed below.

  • Intuitive user interface – A powerful and intuitive user interface that shares supporting videos, images of the campaign and its purpose.
  • Effective communication of campaign goals – Panashi charity kiosks helps the charity organizations to implement campaigns in a highly goal-oriented, and engaging way that persuades people to become part of the campaign. People share different priorities when it comes to charity and they donate only when their priorities are met or addressed.
  • Offers customization – The charity has the option to customize the campaign based on specific requirements.
  • Both cash and cashless payment – Panashi kiosks accept both cash and cashless transaction.
  • Serves both short-term and long-term campaigns – Whether the campaign is meant for a day, a week, or a month or even for a longer duration, Panashi kiosks are at your service.
  • Track campaign performance – Effectively track the performance of the campaign real-time. Campaign tracking helps the organization take swift decisions concerning the campaign, bring in strategical changes, form new strategy etc.
  • Effortless campaign management – Facilitates effective campaign management real-time. Allows multiple campaign integration, and co-ordination from a single location, and update payments on a real time basis.
charity kiosk

Charity Kiosk Benefits

Now, let us as have a look at the benefits our donation kiosks

charity kiosk
  • Effortless installation and relocation – Install Panashi kiosks anytime, anywhere at the most happening locations to gain maximum exposure. The compact size demands less space and the design aesthetics perfectly blend with the surroundings.
  • Secure and transparent transaction – Mutual advantage for both the donor and charity when it comes to security and transparency issues.
  • Multiple languages – The multiple language facility of the Panashi Kiosks takes care of the charity campaigns deployed at busy airports and important tourist locales.
  • Multiple currency – Foreign tourists might bring in foreign currency and this should not be a hindrance to collect donations. Our kiosks help you manage this scenario as they handle multiple currencies.
  • Remote Monitoring facility – Conduct remote online monitoring of daily transactions.
  • 24/7 functionality – Receive uninterrupted donations 24/7
  • Multiple channel payment capability – Provides payment facility via multiple channels.

Our developers and designers are fully-equipped and experienced to provide bespoke charity kiosk solutions pertaining to a wide range of campaigns.

Please let us know your objectives. We’ll get back to you with the most feasible solution.

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