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    Use Self-Service Kiosk in Cinema to shorten queue.
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Entertainment Kiosk Solution

Cinema kiosks
Customer now can buy not only the movie tickets but also many other value-added services can be made available through our PANASHI kiosks. They can pay for their food and beverages, they can retrieve their reward programs, can redeem their reward points, can instantly get issued gift cards and so on. Our software allows the Cinemas to manage the content in the kiosks conveniently from back office, through our Content Management System (CMS). Cinemas can easily change or update movie information, timing, screens and pricing in one click. We provide dashboards for controlling, monitoring, and reporting of kiosks.

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Instead of conventional way of buying tickets at a ticket window, movie-goers instead can choose to make ticket purchases at the kiosk. By using a touchscreen-based prompts to guide them through the ordering of their favorite movie tickets & snacks and payment by cash or credit/debit card that instantly gets processed and print tickets. A self-service kiosk also shortens ticket queues by enabling customers to reserve and pay for their tickets online, and then print them out when they arrive at the theater.

Our cinema kiosk simplifies concession service. With our kiosk customer can place and receive their orders more quickly than if they waited in line at a concession stand. All movie-goers need do is enter their order on the kiosk’s touchscreen and proceed to the concession stand to receive their order. The faster orders are placed, the faster they can be ready for guests to take away and enjoy.

Using our cinema kiosk to take orders at the concession stand also makes concession coordination easier by eliminating errors that can occur when employees misunderstand or mishear customers’ instructions (e.g., no ice in a soft drink or no butter on popcorn). Fewer errors as a result of self-entered orders lead to a more streamlined order delivery process.

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While you definitely won’t want to — and should not — implement technology to replace every one of your cashiers, you could certainly trim your labor expenditures by using our kiosk or two in lieu of a few staff members. This could reduce the number or workers needed on a shift or allow you to reassign them to other areas that need more labor.

Shorter lines to purchase or pick up tickets made possible by using self-service kiosks can enhance the customer experience. This, in turn, can boost guest satisfaction and hikes revenues across the board. Leveraging a self-service kiosk so customers can order and receive their concession items more quickly and efficiently without missing one moment of the feature film and maybe even the “coming attractions”, has the same effect.

While it’s true that a self-service kiosk can’t solve every problem, you may encounter in operating a cinema, it “projects” a clear set of benefits. The sooner you explore the option of a self-service kiosk implementation, the sooner you can begin improving your profit.

Entertainment/Cinema ticketing Kiosk Machine enable shorten queue and reduced the cost of labour


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