Smart Enquiry Drive-Thru Kiosk Project

Smart Enquiry Drive-Thru Kiosk project for the Sharjah government in Khorfakkan City Municipality

Drive-thru kiosk project was a government initiative aimed at improving the services for the citizens. The kiosk was deployed at the premises of the Khorfakkan Municipality (Sharjah) as part of the government’s plan to help citizens easily access their services. Through the deployment of drive-thru kiosk, the citizens could avoid visiting the Municipality building for the purpose of service enquiry, which improved convenience.

Problems faced by the Khorfakkan Municipality

  • The Municipality couldn’t handle the overload of service enquiries through the counters.
  • Citizens had to wait in long lines which resulted in congestion.
  • Inefficient enquiry processing
  • Reduced user satisfaction
drive-thru kiosk sharjah government-muncipality

Solution offered by Panashi

The drive-thru kiosk was deployed along the pavement for easy access.

Citizens can easily drive to the kiosk and park their vehicles in front of it. With the help of built-in sensor and camera, the kiosk spots the vehicle and provides the necessary prompts to initiate user interaction. Users can easily follow the prompts and instantly gather all the necessary service-related information offered by the municipality.

Results achieved

  • The users needn’t have to get out of their cars or visit the Municipality building as part of service enquiry.
  • Drive-thru kiosk became an epitome of convenience for citizens.
  • The kiosk could reduce waiting time and congestion inside the building.
  • The users could easily know the availability of the officials by accessing the kiosk.
  • 24/7 operational drive-thru kiosk
  • Improved customer satisfaction.