e-Government Self-Service Kiosks

Install Self-Service Government Kiosks for Maximum Transparency and Efficiency

A larger part of the criticism all government would have received from public is for their inefficiency in providing services to the public on time. This is irrespective of the country, politics, region, race, color etc. It prevails for almost all parts of the world. Public expect to get their service fast, transparently and around the clock. However not all government could meet this public expectation and it affected their popularity.

Over the last few years, governments put an end to this disrepute up to an extent by implementing Self-service kiosk. This helped governments in achieving long terms objectives such as;

  • Successful implementation of e-governance
  • Fast and reliable services
  • 24/7 serviceability
  • High transparency
  • Elimination of bribe
  • Better employee utilization
  • Reduce queuing time of customers
  • Faster transaction processing
  • Autonomous transactions
  • Automated KYC- read and recognize ID, face, IRIS, fingerprint etc.
  • Payment collection by cash, card, apple pay, google pay, vouchers and a combination of these.
self service kiosk
government kiosk service machine

With a self-service kiosk, governments put forth an inclusive approach that helps the general public as a whole without any disparity. The tech-savvy, non-tech-savvy, old and young people, women, kids etc can easily use the kiosk. The kiosk is equipped with a very user-friendly screen, an easy-to-browse menu and the user can choose the service, make payment and collect the receipt against the transaction. Government kiosks are installed at public places/crowd gathering centers such as shopping malls, fuel stations, public libraries, railway stations, metro stations etc. This is very useful for people from remote areas since opening a brick and mortar office in those places may not be a practical option for the government. Instead, government kiosks can be installed to facilitate around-the-clock services to the public.

Some of the important government kiosk services

Most sought-after services offered via government kiosks are;

  • - Instant issuance of driver’s license and vehicle registration card.
  • - Instant issuance of birth certificate
  • - Utility bill payments such as electricity, water, telephone, internet etc.
  • - Traffic fine payments
  • - Court services
  • - Education services
  • - Police fine payments
  • - Police services
  • - Public health services

Get your license issued through the government self-service kiosk

The instant issuance of vehicle permits and driving licenses through a government kiosk is simply phenomenal and saves precious time. Previously, customers had to visit many Roads and Transport Authority offices (RTA) or their agents to apply for permits & licenses, know the status of the application, make payments, get a permit or license issued etc. Now customers just need to visit the nearest kiosk, and the rest will be taken care of by the government kiosk. They can key in the application reference number or scan a QR code to fetch the application details, make the payment if required, and print their driver’s license or vehicle registration card.

Other services such as utility bill payments, traffic fine payments, court services, police fine payments and so on are not different from the above-listed license issuance service. The kiosk is equipped with a very intuitive kiosk screen. It would be a smooth journey for the user throughout the transaction. This leaves a pleasant experience for the user which would serve as a good reason for the customer to show up frequently and use the kiosk.

UAM government self service kiosk

Panashi Technologies ( www.panashi.ae ) have advanced much more than a normal kiosk providers. Panashi introduced face recognition and voice recognition technologies to the kiosk. Panashi Kiosk can swiftly identify the user by their voice or face and shall be greeted with their names. User then can access his profile and can conduct transactions without even touching the kiosk. The kiosk will recognize the voice commands from the customer and shall prompt the appropriate screen for the user to select. User just need to keep on giving voice commands throughout the customer journey till his transaction get completed. Cash in and cash out, contactless payments, apple pay, google pay, Samsung pay, vouchers transactions, other wallet transactions, and what not, all are supported by Panashi kiosks. The customer shall be given a receipt against their transactions, or it can be sent as email or SMS to customer.

Government kiosks penetration rates are high and public find it very useful. To make a cash payment or cashless transactions, government kiosks are out there and public can approach those kiosks anytime of the day. Besides, it can also be used for printing documents, scanning documents etc. Government kiosks play a role in making the life of public easy. More and more kiosks to be installed irrespective it is developed or developing or under developed country.