Education Self Service Kiosks

The Growing Significance of Self-service Kiosks in Education Sector

Before we delve into the significance of self-service kiosks in education sector, let’s have a basic understanding of how Covid 19 pandemic impacted the education sector.

It is very evident that the lives of the Generation Z population are quite dependent on the internet and the use of technology. The Covid 19 pandemic only helped to bolster this dependance on the internet, as social distancing became the norm. Online classes became a common mode of study in both schools and colleges. Students and even their teachers got introduced to new apps, tools and other gadgets that enhanced the quality of online education. In a way, students became more inclined towards the use of technology and internet in their day-to-day interactions.

The pandemic became a crucial period for the higher education sector. Many of the higher educational institutes across the world underwent a notable digital transformation during the pandemic times. In order to enhance the overall learning experience, many institutes embarked on the intelligent use of technology. Moreover, the pandemic served as a catalyst in this transformation process.

Nowadays, renowned educational institutions rely on multiple technology-based strategies to facilitate this transformation. And some of them are Augmented Reality, online collaboration, online tools, machine learning-based teaching, Progress tracking of students etc.

Education Self Service Kiosk
education kiosk

Self-service or Education kiosks for learning

AI, Augmented Reality, and machine learning are very much familiar to the student community, as their routine involves the use of these in varying levels. But not everyone talks about the role of self-service or education kiosks.

Apart from wayfinding and information access, a fully-loaded education kiosk comes with a host of functionalities. Education kiosk has its role in the learning process and they are ideal for video-based learning. Students can make use of the kiosk machines to learn new concepts, instructional content, or any pre-recorded video content pertaining to the college or school. The management may deploy kiosk machines to conduct workshop sessions for the students. From freestanding ones to tablet-sized kiosk machines, self-service kiosks for education sector come in varying sizes too.

Self-service kiosk functionalities pertaining to education sector

The major functionalities of self-service/interactive kiosks are shared below.

  • An “automated spokesperson” – Self-service kiosk provides the most authentic information to the users. The users can make use of the kiosks to access information connected with latest events, important notifications and updates.
  • Wayfinding functionality – a tried and tested way to efficiently guide students and visitors across the campus. The kiosk operates without human intervention and provides maps, routes and directions to the users via images, audio-video interactions, etc.
  • Information sharing – Similar to publishing of specific events and updates, Education kiosks can be used to share relevant information regarding the functioning of the institution, special events, examination-related updates, submission dates, offers related to employment, internships, etc.
  • Instant updates – the management can share alerts, and display notices as instant updates on a real-time basis.
automated machine
self service kiosk
  • Digital signage or advertisements – The educational institution may leverage the kiosk machine to publish advertisements and other promotions.
  • Bill payment facility – By integrating payment functionality, students can conduct cash/card transactions via the kiosk machine. Students may pay the tuition fees, exam fees, recreation fees etc via a full-equipped Education Kiosk.
  • Registration and ID printing – Self-service kiosks in education allows student registration and printing of student ID card.
  • Add credits - Students can easily add credits to student cards via an Interactive kiosk.
  • Internet access – Students can rely on a self-service kiosk for web-browsing.
  • Translation facility – Interactive kiosks can be equipped to provide translation services for expatriate students.
  • Library kiosks – Interactive kiosks can be deployed at libraries. Students may carry out checkouts with minimum human intervention.
  • Instant feedback – Students can make use of the kiosks to send feedbacks or complaints to higher authorities.
  • Access to student support services – students can log in to their respective accounts to access student support services.

Benefits pertaining to the management

  • Cost saving mechanism - Self-service kiosks regulate overhead and payroll expenses. A fully loaded kiosk machine performs tasks like scanning and printing. Therefore, the management need not invest further on hardware. Both monetary and space-saving benefits are evident.
  • Expedites tasks – Interactive kiosks perform time-consuming processes like registration with great efficiency.
  • 24/7 operation – Self-service kiosks operate 24/7 flawlessly.
  • Customization benefits – Interactive kiosks are highly flexible and therefore the educational institution can implement unique functionalities through customization.
  • Assist and guide visitors – Visitors can access an interactive kiosk to gather various information related to the institution and thus avoid waiting for a long time. Self-service kiosks reduce human intervention to a great extent.
  • Environment-friendly – Education kiosks regulate paper-transactions which is good for the environment.
  • Bring in innovation – Self-service kiosks add sophistication and aesthetic appeal to any learning environment.
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Self-service kiosks has become an integral part of higher education these days. Learning becomes fun and engaging with the use of technology. AI has already opened the doors of personalized learning to the student community. The student community is going to immensely benefit by the personalized and tangible learning experiences in the coming years, that’s for sure.

In today’s highly digitalized world, the technological advancements would only make the Gen Z population “feel at home”. And therefore, it’s the perfect time to invest in self-service kiosk in education sector.