• We integrate different government departments onto a single platform.
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Government Kiosk Solutions

Governments around the world are increasingly becoming reliant on technology to deliver their services. The use of Internet of Things (IoT) is no more a rarity. A smart government is citizen-centric, and uses technology to facilitate smoother communication between the citizens and government institutions.

Online is the way to go when it comes to transparency and effectiveness of government services. Panashi e-Government KIOSK is a package solution that enables smooth delivery of government services via online. These e-services improve the relationship between citizens and public sector entities, as delivery becomes faster, efficient and available round the clock.

Our smart government kiosks deliver the e-services in a highly secure manner abiding by the government rules and the international standards of information security and privacy. They provide access to information about the local government bodies, websites, programs and services, allowing the citizens to perform the transactions electronically. This facilitates ease of payment by reducing operating costs and eliminating cash management.

Panashi e-Government KIOSK is a one-stop shop of multiple e-services integrated with various government entities across a single KIOSK system. The government kiosk services include payment of utility bills like electricity and water bill, payment of traffic contraventions, vehicle registration renewal, issuance of e-Birth certificates and student certificate, travel ban enquiry, payment of criminal order and a lot more.

To add on, our KIOSK eliminates cash payments made at the government counters by printing e-voucher/e-currency receipt. You may use the e-voucher/e-currency receipt for carrying out payments at government institutions.

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Deliver government services Easy, secure and fast by utilizing smart digital technologies


Panashi integrates various departmental systems to our software and provides all their services through a single e-Government platform. A few services are listed below.

Police Department

Payment of Fines, Payment of Criminal Orders, Payment of Traffic Contraventions etc..

Court Services

Payment of Pre-defined Case Fines, Notary public services etc..

Postal Services

Courier licensing, Tracking of Postal Packages, National ID Issuance etc..

Traffic Services

Driving License Renewal, Vehicle Registration Renewal, Transportation Card Top-up etc..