Employee self-service (ESS) Kiosk or HR self-service (HSS) Kiosk

hr smart kiosk

Employee self-service (ESS) Kiosk or HR self-service (HSS) Kiosk

Employee self-service (ESS) or HR self-service (HSS) is very much adapted in the corporate level and the wonders it did to realign the HR policies and procedures are well spoken off. However, a set of employees are still not getting the advantages of ESS since they do not have a desk of their own in their office or they mostly work outside, or they work onsite, or they work offshore something like that. They do not have access to a computer or laptop, they do not have access to printers or scanners or cameras and sometimes they are not even allowed to carry their mobile phones at work.

Employee self service Kiosk (ESSK) is ideal for a proper inclusion of all staff including deskless staffs. Employees can easily approach these employee self-service kiosks and submit their applications and print their letters anytime. These employee self service kiosks can be placed anywhere indoor & outdoor as well. These kiosks can be placed in the branch offices, onshore or offshore work locations, in the front office reception, or any other common area the employee can access to it.

The employee self service kiosk (ESSK) shall have an industrial PC, touch screen of various size, advertisement screen of various size, card printer, document printer to print different kind of letters, document scanner for scanning document and bills, camera, card reader, fingerprint scanner, keyboard with trackball mouse, handset for video conferencing, signature pad, IRIS scanner etc. Based on the requirement, employee self-service kiosk providers such as PANASHI shall customize the kiosk and provide the whole solution including kiosk hardware, it’s software, integration with ESS system of the company and implementation in cloud or on premise. PANASHI HR KIOSK solution are compatible with all major HR software in the world such as SAP, Oracle PeopleSoft, Workday, KRONOS, Ceridian etc.

Some of the services that can be incorporated in employee self-service kiosk are below;

  • Create/update personal details.
  • Add/update/delete dependent details.
  • Update address and phone numbers
  • Update medical insurance, passport, visa and employee ID for
    employee and dependents
  • View compensation details
  • Submit leave request
  • View previous absences and vacation balance
  • Submit HR letter requests such as salary certificate, salary
    transfer letter, NOC for driving license etc.
  • Request for loan
  • Submit expense claims
  • Submit reimbursement request
  • Pool car request
  • Uploading documents
  • Request for medical check up
  • Create/update bank account details
  • Access to company policy document such as employee handbook etc.
  • Video conferencing with HR executive
  • Resignation

Employee self service kiosk (ESSK) or HR Self Service Kiosk (HSSK) able to bring lot of goodness to the company, HR staffs and of course the employees as well. Human Resources (HR) or employees are the key to success for every company and it is very vital to take care of them and keep them happy. Employee self-service definitely going to help companies towards that.