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    No matter what is your vertical, we got the most standardized, agile and lean kiosk solution you are looking for.
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Kiosk Solutions overview

Automate your payments and services with the help of our kiosk solutions. Panashi provide end to end solution including kiosk hardware, software, integration and implementation.

Kiosk solution would be one of the key area Panashi would be exploring more and more and we showcase an advanced and futuristic solution. What are we doing is to take the currently available kiosk solutions to a next level by keeping a possibility to automate more areas of it through Machine Learning Technology. This will enable the customer to get more insightful data and reports than a normal kiosk solution can deliver.

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Scalability and customization

Our kiosk solution is scalable and customizable. We built our system in such a way that we can customize and further customize the solution we implemented for our customers as and when they need. Our kiosk comes in different designs, shapes, sizes, and it can be customized as per the customer’s requirements. Our solution supports different languages through our robust software services framework. We design attractive user-friendly screens to make it look beautiful and convenient for customers to use. We choose only the best in class hardware peripheral to perfectly match the customer requirements. Our system capabilities include integration with any kind of customer systems and third party systems, no matter what technology or framework it is. We can implement the solution in cloud or in On premise as per the requirement of the customer.

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Why Panashi Kiosk?

Kiosks Hardware

We have standard and trendy kiosk hardware designs which Panashi let the customer choose their preferred design. Our kiosk engineers help them choosing design by giving technical advises by looking into the user, operations and maintenance level convenience . Our consultants listen and understand you, and then choose the hardware peripherals which best match your requirements. That is how we choose the model and specs after careful consideration and study from our listed and qualified hardware devices and models which are already been integrated with our core systems.

  • Our kiosk accept cash, card, coin and vouchers
  • o Recyclers:- Our kiosks return change to the customer, both cash and coins


Our software is developed 100% in-house.

The biggest advantage of our software is it is an OmniChannel customer engagement platform which shall connect with KIOSKS, MOBILE APPS, TABLET,

WEB, APIs, SMS, EMAIL , PHONE, AGGREGATOR etc. This way , we help you to control your expenses effectively, and provide your customers the BESTEST customer experience.

Panashi software is having distinct advantages.

Our server software shall be used to remotely manage, control and monitor the kiosk terminals are having INDUSTRY STANDARD FEATURES + VERY UNIQUE FEATURES.

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Our Kiosk Solutions

Automate your payments and services with the help of our kiosk solutions