HR kiosk Project for Kuwait National Guard(KNG)

Kuwait National Guard(KNG) is a separate entity from the Kuwait police and army which is a part of the Military of Kuwait that was founded in 1967

Currently, the Kuwait National Guard (KNG) employs over 70,000 personnel and Panashi has implemented our premier HR self-service kiosk for KNG to streamline and to make the HR services easily accessible to their employees. Our HR self-service kiosks automated the monotonous tasks of HR executives and ensures much higher efficiency and productivity. Panashi’s cutting-edge HR self-service kiosks are a cost-effective approach for providing HR services to employees 24/7 at their convenience. Furthermore, Our HR self-service kiosks provide a secure platform for employees to access their personal information, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches. By implementing Panashi's HR kiosks, Kuwait National Guard has not only improved the efficiency of their HR processes but has also enhanced the overall employee experience.

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