Card issuance Kiosk Project - Africa

Kiosk solution and central monitoring application to Pajuno based in Nigeria - African Region

Pajuno Development company is based in Nigeria - African Region who provide effective distribution and support of various card issuance machines. Other than printers, Pajuno also provides software application to their customers to manage the printers effectively.

Panashi provided a kiosk solution and central monitoring application to Pajuno through which Pajuno and it’s customer can operate, control, monitor, and report their kiosk machines & card printers those are deployed in the market. The kiosks will facilitate card printing instantly by authenticating the user with biometrics. These kiosks are installed in various bank customers of Pajuno across Nigeria. The kiosks have a very intuitive and engaging user menu and screen flow which leave an outstanding experience with the customer. The kiosk solution have three parts, kiosk hardware, kiosk client application and kiosk server software. The kiosk will have an end to end encryption with its server software and back end application of the customer such as core banking and card management systems.

The central monitoring system is an application that facilitate real time monitoring of the kiosks and other hardware such as card printers supplied by Pajuno. Customers can remotely monitor the kiosks and card printers from their home or office through a portal. The system facilitates alerts of unusual behavior of the hardware, security breach etc. It also provides real time count of the consumables such as number of cards, ribbons, receipt papers and so on so that customer can arrange for the replenishment of these consumables.

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