Self-Service Kiosks for Car Wash Businesses in the UAE

Self-service Kiosks for Car Wash Businesses in the UAE - Benefits

Do you run a car wash business in the UAE or in any of the middle-east countries? Are you satisfied with the revenue generated out of your car wash business? Have you ever thought of increasing your revenue through self-service automation?

The UAE and the middle-east landscape, as a whole, presents an excellent opportunity for car wash businesses to thrive. And there are several factors to substantiate the same.

Self-service kiosks present an efficient and affordable opportunity to enhance the operational efficiency of your business, improve revenue generation and enhance customer experience.

Read on to understand the relevance of self-service kiosks for car wash businesses in the UAE.

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The number of car users in UAE is on the rise – studies claim

  • According to the research conducted by Glasgow Research and Consulting, as of 2022, an estimated 3 million passenger cars run in the streets of UAE.
  • One out of two residents own a car in Dubai, reveals Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).
  • Another interesting fact put out by Statista deals with the number of cars per 1000 persons in the UAE. From 2023 to 2027, the statistics shows a steady increase of 8.19% in the number of cars per 1000 persons.
  • Even the used-cars market is thriving in the UAE. Mordor Intelligence research claims that the used car market experiences a growth rate of CAGR 11.9%. The market size is forecasted to grow from USD 1.39 billion (2024) to USD 32.03 billion (2029).

The stats are welcoming for the car wash businesses and even for those would like to a start a new car wash business in UAE.

Factors favouring car wash business in the UAE

Car wash businesses can thrive in the UAE and there are several valid reasons.

  • The typical middle-east climate – The hot and arid climate with dusty winds is typical to the UAE and is also common in other countries of the middle-east. If you are resident of the UAE, you know, it’s part of life. Occasional sandstorms and dust-packed winds coat your car with a film of dust. And a washed car can become dirty in a couple of days. Even lack of rains contributes toward accumulation of dust and dirt as they are not washed away naturally.
  • Rising demand – As I have already stated above, the local population prioritize the use of cars and the demand is on the rise. Not only the car density is high, the residents prefer cash wash services too.
  • Affluent vehicle market – Premium and luxury car business flourish in the UAE. And the customers who can afford these vehicles demand efficient car wash cleaning and detailing services. Even Dubai police owns some of the world’s biggest brands like Bentley, Ferrari, Bugatti and the list goes on!
  • Innovation and technology-friendly market – The UAE automotive market gives high priority to innovation and is ready to invest in the most modern technology to improve operations and Customer Experience (CX). The car wash owners may integrate or implement advanced technologies like water-monitoring software, or recycling systems, or waterless technology and attain the competitive edge.
  • Supportive authorities – The proactive role of the UAE government in supporting businesses, especially the SMEs, entrepreneurs, innovators and creating a supporting and nurturing business environment is worth-mentioning.
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Features of a car wash Self-service kiosk

A self-service car wash kiosk is loaded with all the necessary components to display the services and make payments conveniently. Interactive touchscreen, card reader, payment terminal, receipt printer etc. are common in these kiosks to facilitate a seamless and efficient customer experience.

You may deploy a self-service kiosk for any type of car wash service, be it an Automatic In-Bay or a Tunnel Wash. The self-service kiosk performs what it is intended to do 24/7 and serves as your dependable payment-collecting agent.

How does a self service kiosk for car wash work?

You may deploy a self-service drive-thru kiosk at any convenient spot in the premises of the car wash. Setting up the kiosk in a drive-thru fashion can speed up the process as the customer need not get out from the car.

Here is the process in brief.

  • 1. Customer Arrives – the customer drives the car towards the drive-thru self-self-service kiosk terminal.
  • 2. Selection of service – Now, the customer can easily access the kiosk screen and go through the list of services offered. The user may pick the desired service displayed on the kiosk touchscreen ranging from the basic wash options to a more complex detailing job.
  • 3. Service payment - After selecting the type of service, the user may make the payment for the same. The customer can make use of diverse payment options like cash, card, cardless or mobile payment. Once the payment is done, the user may accept the print receipt via the kiosk or get it delivered via SMS/email.
  • 4. Service Initiation - Payment verification is followed by service initiation. Now the car wash system is all set to perform the selected service. The kiosk would provide the necessary prompts to guide the customer towards the car wash bay.
  • 5. The car wash begins – the automated systems perform the cleaning process as per the service selected by the customer. It takes only few minutes to perform a basic foam wash.
  • 6. Customer leaves – When the cleaning process gets completed, the system informs the same to the customer. The customer is now allowed to make the exit.

Highly convenient and hassle-free. Isn’t it?

Benefits of self-service kiosk in car wash settings

An interactive self-service machine offers a range of benefits for cash wash businesses. And they are listed below.

  • Avoid long wait times – Wait time is a serious issue in almost all types of car wash outlets. The automated selection of the desired service and seamless payment option reduces the waiting time for the customers. Moreover, reduced wait time is an indicator of improved customer satisfaction.
  • Improved operational efficiency – Fast and efficient payment processing coupled with reduced wait times improve the operational efficiency of the car wash business.
  • Reduced labour expenses – Welcoming the customers and managing the payments is just another monotonous and unproductive role. An interactive car wash kiosk takes care of the same with utmost efficiency, thereby reducing labour expenses.
  • Gain Customer insights – The car wash businesses can gather crucial insights on customer behaviour, service preferences, repeat purchases etc. The data gathered can be used to provide personalised offers to the customers. For example: the business owners can easily identify the most-used and less-used services by the customers and make the necessary tweaks and adjustments, if needed.

Data also helps car wash businesses take well-informed decisions based on customer interactions and feedbacks.

  • Improved marketing, thereby improved revenue – You may gift special promotional offers, festival offers or a Limited Time deals to your customers which makes them interested in your services. When they get attractive offers and deals, there is every chance of a repeat visit!
  • Your car wash business can leverage upselling and cross selling benefits though a self-service kiosk. For example: You may offer premium services or bundled services at a discounted rate easily through a self-service kiosk.
  • Cross promotion benefits – You may partner with other businesses and indulge in various cross promotion strategies. For example: you may partner with an automotive spare parts dealer and offer a discounted car wash service for specific products purchased from your partner. Cross promotion helps to expand your reach, provide rewarding offers to your customers and improve the overall revenue. Isn’t it a cool deal…!
  • Remote monitoring facility – Now, remote monitoring presents several benefits for business owners on aspects related to system maintenance, security, performance monitoring, cost savings in connection with repair and maintenance etc. An admin may perform real-time tracking of the kiosk and keep every aspect of kiosk-functioning in control.
  • Diverse payment options – A fully-equipped self-service kiosk offers diverse payment options for the customers. Customers can make fast and secure payments in cash, card, cardless or mobile payment, whichever convenient. This adds to customer satisfaction.
  • RFID for improved CX – You may implement RFID technology in your car wash settings to easily identify and authenticate vehicles of the customers based on memberships. Simplified customer authentication reduces customer wait times.

The final takeaway

I would rather take my car to an automated car wash to save time. I should admit that I’m not a cleaning or washing expert to do a DIY. And I would appreciate, if I could receive any special offers or perks for my every service. If the deal brings in value, and the system does the job perfectly, why not go for it?

If you are an established car wash business based in the UAE or someone planning to start a car wash unit, leveraging the kiosk technology can offer you some serious benefits.

Your customers gravitate towards seamless experiences that bring them value for their money. Invest in the right technology considering your target audience and their preferences to gain the most-needed competitive edge.

Any query, doubts or plans regarding self-service kiosk for cash wash, please visit our official website, or kindly talk to our experts. We’re happy to hear from you.