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Telecom Smart Kiosk solution

With the increase in mobile users around the world, Telecom Industry is now one of the most competitive market. To stay ahead of competition, queue management is a necessity. People want services to be fast, easy and available round the clock. Waiting for their turn in Customer Service Centre is enough for them to switch to a different service provider. Our Telecom Self Service Machine (SSM) offers a comprehensive portfolio of services designed to address Telecom Industry’s specific challenges and needs.

Built with the best-in-class software and hardware, our kiosk is the one-stop solution for all your customers’ telecom needs. From sim card issuance to top up through e-voucher and bill payment, everything can be done with just one Telecom Self Service Machine. Our Kiosks are customizable, allowing you to choose specific hardware as per you needs to be installed. You can now advertise about your products and services as well as collect Customer data hassle free.

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Telecommunication Kiosk is the right choice to streamline Customer Support Operations even in the absence of Service and Sales Agents.


Self Service Machine (SSM) Designs

self service machine SSM

Self Service Machine(SSM)

Telecom Self Service Kiosk

Telecom Self Service Kiosk

outdoor self service machine

Outdoor Self Service Machine

Bill payment kiosk

Andriod Self service payment kiosk

self service kiosk

Self Service Kiosk

Mall Self Service Kiosk

Indoor Mall Self Service Kiosk

  • Multi-Payment Channels
  • High Security with Full Reporting System
  • Simple and Intuitive User Interface
  • Ability to be modified and upgraded
  • Multi-Language Options
  • Online Monitoring & Control System
  • Aesthetic & Easy to Maintain Design
  • Location Flexible Installation

Telecom SSM Functions

Telecom Kiosk Solutions


1 How does the Self Service Kiosk machines (SSMs) benefits the Telecom industry?

Self-Service Telecom Kiosk (SSM) is an automated machine that provides services to its customers 24/7 with a very low investment and minimal operation cost. By installing a telecom kiosk, the telecom companies can attract more customers and thus can generate more revenue. Self-Service Machines (SSMs) are much easy and more convenient to use so more customers love to use them which is beneficial for telecom operators.

2 What are the Services offered by the Telecom Self-Service Machine?

The Telecom Self Service Machine (SSMs) provides a range of services, which include issuing and replacing SIM cards, managing bill payments and bill plans, facilitating voice and data top-ups, both domestically and internationally, activating or terminating lines, transferring credit, processing KYC (Know Your Customer), issuing gift vouchers, and redeeming reward points, among other functionalities

3 How does the Telecommunication kiosk benefits its users?

The Telecom Self-Service Kiosk simplifies and expedites various telecom services such as issuing and replacing SIM cards, managing bill payments and plans, and facilitating credit transfers, among others. These Self-Service Machines (SSMs) offer a fast and convenient way to access all telecom services. Due to the relatively low installation cost of a large number of telecom kiosks, customers of the telecom operator can easily locate these kiosks nearby, making it effortless to utilize the self-service machines. Consequently, this convenience fosters strong customer loyalty towards the telecom company.

4 How to Attract users to the Telecom Self-Service Kiosks?

The Telecom Self-Service Kiosk Machines (SSMs) capture users' attention through their intuitive Graphical User Interface, simplified steps, and swift completion of tasks within the larger screens of the kiosk. Users appreciate the user-friendly nature and autonomous experience offered by these telecom kiosks. The availability of Telecom Self-Service Kiosk Machines (SSMs) round the clock enhances their reliability, encouraging users to develop a strong connection and incentivizing them to return for future visits.

5 Can a Telecommunication Kiosk issue SIM Card?

Certainly! A telecommunication kiosk can do both the issuance and replacement of SIM Cards.

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