Government Kiosk Project

Government Kiosk Project in UAE for UAM
government kiosk project

The UAE Muay Thai & Kickboxing Federation is the official patron of the Muay Thai & Kickboxing sports in the UAE. The Federation plays a trailblazing role in consolidating the mainstays of sports in a way that greatly contributes to building a society with high awareness of the two sports. Moreover, the Federation aims at raising the UAE flag at local and international events.

Panashi is given opportunity to serve the Federation with kiosk to enable the visitors to register for UAE smart pass. UAE smart pass is a digital identity and signature solution for the UAE. UAE nationals and residents can avail various services offered by federal or local government institutions through one platform, which is the UAE smart pass.

The kiosks are installed in the Federal Offices and stadiums in United Arab Emirates. The visitors, trainers, trainees, exhibitors, staffs etc. can approach these kiosks to register for the UAE smart pass and access the services and shows arranged by federation.