Charity fund raising and VR

Virtual Reality (VR) for Charity Fundraising – Does it work?

Virtual reality for charity fundraising may seem impractical at the first look. However, non-profits have already implemented the same to support their fundraising initiatives.

As you might know, Virtual Reality facilitates immersive and interactive experience to the viewer. But does that experience help in raising funds for fundraising campaigns? Does that help charity organisations and non-profits in any way?

Yes, VR can assist charities improve the reach of their campaigns and receive donations too. The New-York-based non-profit organisation named Charity Water was successful in implementing their fundraising campaign in Africa through the implementation of VR 360-degree video. Here is how.

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Charity Water VR 360 campaign

Charity Water VR 360 campaign

Charity Water is a non-profit charity institution that focusses on providing safe drinking water to people on a global level. The charity organisation has been in the scene for more than a decade. Up till now, it has undertaken more than 44,000 water projects around the globe.

Charity Water featured the struggles of a 13-year-old girl in Africa, named Selam, via a 360-degree video in their campaign. The water scarcity issue forced Selam to source water from a stagnant pond which was located far away from her home. And drinking the unclean water became necessary to sustain the life of her family.

When people took to VR headsets, the result was an immersive experience. The viewers perfectly understood the scenario of the girl and the struggle she had to undergo to obtain clean drinking water. The 360-degree view helped the viewers to understand, and virtually experience the real-life scenario of Selam in all its entirety.

The campaign received much appreciation from people across the world. And it became a success too. The 360-degree VR experience helped to communicate the gravity of the water scarcity issue to the world and how it negatively impacted people's lives.

Benefits of VR 360 degree videos

VR 360-degree videos improve the “engagement” aspect of the audience by offering a 360-degree view of the video footage to the viewers. The 360-degree view helps the viewers to “connect” and understand the subject in different perspectives.

When combined with storytelling-way of presentation, VR 360 degree videos become highly impactful and create an immersive experience among the viewers. The highly immersive experience helps to convey the message of the campaign effectively. If the viewer uses a headset to experience the same, the person becomes part of the footage, almost like a silent spectator.

Research studies claim that 360-degree videos facilitate improved viewership compared to an ordinary video footage. To add on, the watch time of the 360-degree videos is also greater compared to the ordinary video.

Yes, Virtual reality for charity fundraising is not anymore a dream. It’s definitely a workable strategy for fundraising initiatives. However, the VR production cost can bother organisations that do not have sufficient funding.

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When compared to VR, a more feasible yet interactive charity fundraising solution is a donation kiosk. Panashi FZCO is a self-service kiosk provider based in the middle-east that assists organisations in implementing charity kiosk for fundraising campaigns. Charity kiosk or donation kiosk provides NGOs and other fundraising organisations the opportunity to run highly interactive and meaningful campaigns that perfectly convey the campaign purpose to the potential donors. Charity kiosk-driven campaigns are cost-effective compared to VR campaigns and are capable of producing interactive user experiences. Some of the rewarding benefits of deploying a charity kiosk for fundraising are:

  • User-friendly interface that facilitates smooth customer interactions
  • One-touch donating facility
  • Secure and transparent transactions
  • Multi-language and multi-currency facility
  • 24/7 smooth operation
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to install
  • Flexibility - The kiosk machine can be easily uninstalled, if the campaign demands a location change
  • Multiple payment modes (cash and cashless which includes Google Pay, Apple Pay etc)
  • Remote monitoring of campaigns

Our designers are well-aware of the design aesthetics of the charity kiosk machine. We also provide custom-built kiosk machines for a wide range of settings, like Indoor, outdoor, semi-outdoor etc.