• Our powerful and exciting check-in kiosk saves time and leave greater customer satisfaction.
    We enable the airports to be highly responsive by streamlining the check-in while enhancing every customer experience.
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Airport Kiosk Solution

Long que for check-in is always a scene in the airport. PANASHI Check-in kiosks help the customer and airport to instantly check-in and get the boarding pass printed. Our check-in kiosk will prompt the customer to identify themselves by inserting a credit card/typing in their flight confirmation code/entering their frequent flyer number. Then the check-in kiosk will instantly get you the boarding pass printed. The check-in kiosk will have passport scanner, Smart ID card reader, biometric reader, camera and so on. Processing time taken will be seconds.

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  • Identify yourself with your passport or ID
  • Confirm your flight information
  • Review your details including seat assignments
  • Indicate your checked baggage
  • Print your boarding pass

Advantages of self-check-in kiosks

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