• We make it easy for the patients and by-standers with our Smart Hospital Solution.
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Smart Hospital Solutions

Patients want smooth hospital experiences now a days. They want the optimal use of the time that they spend in a hospital. Unfortunately, most hospital experiences are everything but this. With PANASHI smart hospital system, hospitals can completely transform the way the patient engages with the hospital. Things like smart parking that guides the patient to a vacant parking spot can save precious time. Patient history can be printed from self-service kiosks and can proceed for the consultation room by making the payment in the same kiosk. An indoor navigation system will help the patient from not wasting his time locating information and navigating the complex hospital environment. With a combination of technologies like machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, self-service Kiosk and IoT, PANASHI smart hospital system enables healthcare organizations to improving care delivery and thereby translates to smoother patient experiences.

PANASHI smart hospital system can be leveraged to enhance administration, streamline operations, deliver superior patient care, and improve profitability. Our smart hospital solution will not only enhance patient outcomes but also lower healthcare costs while delivering personalized care. PANASHI smart hospital system are using the latest tools and technologies in healthcare such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and RTLS (Real-Time Location System). These can remotely track medical devices, materials and make inventory predictions. Overall, it streamlines their supply chain process and therefore, helps control and reduce the costs.

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Panashi Smart Hospital System

Our bedside infotainment terminal has been specifically designed for use in a hospital and clinical environment. It can provide not only medical care service to patients, but also diverse entertainment programs such as TV, radio, video, audio or games. Patients can also access education, their current care team, meals order, communicating with their family and entertainment etc. through our terminal to create a personalized experience.

  • Patient check-in and payments (cash/card)
  • Print medical history by period (3,6, 9, 12 month), by items (all, outpatient, emergency, inpatient, examination)
  • Medical test result by period (3,6, 9, 12 month), by items (all, picture and image, function, pathology)
  • Request certificate & print certificate
  • Kiosk shall be managed remotely by admin
  • Patient authentication through OTP/patient card with barcode.
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Hospital Mobile Application Features

  • Integration will be done with Hospital System
  • Patient identification through OTP/Aadhar/ patient ID or any other method as requested by Hospital
  • Schedule guidance (Today’s/tomorrow’s/day after tomorrow/till any day as the hospital system supports)
  • Book an appointment (Doctor/Lab)
  • Registration from scheduling
  • Push notification, reminder alerts to patients on appointments.
  • Token generation (through integration with queuing system)
  • Make Payments through credit/debit card, bank transfer, google pay/apple pay etc.
  • Route guidance inside the hospital. Blue dot navigation as in google map
  • Turn by turn navigation with Bluetooth beacon technology
  • Information of layout and POI (point of interest) on the floors of consultation rooms, labs, amenities etc.
  • Navigation path includes movement between floors or between buildings as well as ones on the same floor
  • Current position and path is updated real time through communicating with Bluetooth beacons.
  • Search for POI to which patients want to go.
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  • Asset tracking include the medical equipment, supplies, infrastructure, infusion pumps, blood bags and medical supplies and even staff and physicians.
  • Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags monitor the temperature, humidity, location and utilization of these resources and patients.
  • The delegation of responsibility or reassignment of tasks are easy when staff tracking is enabled by IoT. RFID tags in wristbands or id cards to nursing staff helps the hospital to track their location within the hospital and call them in case of sudden emergency
  • Patients are provided with RFID wristbands which help to record their vital parameters like height, weight, blood group etc.
  • Sensors are used for real-time monitoring of crucial health parameters like blood glucose level, heartbeat, breathing rate etc. All the patient information is integrated and available through electronic health records (EHR). This type of asset management helps physicians in quicker decision making and facilitates better service to patients.