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Self-service kiosks for restaurants

All restaurants strive to become NEW and INNOVATIVE in their domain. They also try to bring down the operational expenses. Our kiosks help you do both. Our self-ordering kiosks are future-oriented, a design-blend of innovation and refinement. And we give ample consideration to the aesthetics too.

Your customer can browse through the variety of food you offer and he can choose his meal, and add-ons, and make the payment in the kiosk itself. The order is then fired to the kitchen directly and prepared from there. When the meal is ready, customer shall be invited to collect his or her meal. Altogether, a superb customer experience. Isn’t it?

You want your restaurant to be different from your competing restaurants?

Do you want your restaurant to look smarter and innovative?

Are you tired of the visa costs, visa quota, salaries and expenses!!!

Then here is the solution, our self-ordering kiosks work 24/7 with minimal staff letting you save at least 35% of your operational expenses. As a practical cost-cutting mechanism, Panashi restaurant kiosk is a prerequisite for every Quick Service Restaurant (QSR).

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  • Research claims that young customers and professionals like to have a more personalized ordering experience, with a special preference for better control.
  • They like to take a bit more time in ordering their most preferred dish, visualizing the items, do the comparing, and so on…
  • Move on to the convenience-driven technology and improve the footfall.
  • Provide Omni-channel food ordering experience to your customers
  • Stop feeling concerned about “can’t handle too many customers at a time”. Entrust that task to our automated “order-takers”.
  • Restaurants installed with sufficient number of food ordering kiosk machines satisfy the peak-hour demands of the customers.
  • Good-riddance to that annoying long line! Yes, those long queues are annoying to both the restaurants and customers.
  • More the customers feel satisfied and content with the overall restaurant experience, they show up again in your restaurant.

Types of Kiosks

in store restaurant self ordering kiosk


Lets your customers choose their meal from the intuitive and attractive menu on the kiosk screen and make on-the-spot payment using cash, card, apple pay, google pay, vouchers etc.

drive thru kiosk

Drive Thru Kiosk

Your customers are in a hurry. Sometimes, they won’t have time to get down from the car and come into your store to order the meal.

counter top kiosk

Countertop Kiosk

You sometimes might have thought for a way to run your restaurant with less staff. There is no other way but invest in the latest automation

  • Increased revenue as customers tend to order more when they have ample time to go through the menu and order themselves.
  • Reduce or eliminate queuing and serve your customer instantly.
  • Better customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • Feel more relaxed and happier when the customer himself gets to customize his/her meal.
  • Saving time by skipping the que
  • Get faster delivery
  • Opportunity to go through the menu by taking time.
  • Feel more relaxed and happier when customer himself get to customize their meal
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Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Kiosk Solutions


1 Why do a quick service restaurant (QSR) use Self-Service kiosk?

Many restaurants use self-service kiosks as it provides the customer with a better experience and allows them to place orders with ease and by not making them wait in long lines. Self-Service kiosks also help in increasing sales and improve workflow efficiency by enabling the workforce to focus on more value added-tasks.

2 Can a QSR kiosk be placed outdoor?

Yes, Panashi has specific outdoor kiosk models that withstands extreme weather conditions.

3 What is a quick service Restaurant (QSR) Kiosk?

QSR kiosks are automated machines that enable customers to place orders and make payments through various options such as cash, card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and more, eliminating the need for any human interaction.

4 How does kiosk works at a restaurant?

The Self-Service Kiosk Screen will have a very intuitive menu displayed on it through which customer can browse and choose the food they desire by making payment in the kiosk itself. The order will be fired directly to the kitchen and when the order is ready the customer will be notified.

5 Are the Self-Service Kiosks in Restaurants Effective?

Yes, a study by the National Restaurant Association, USA found that restaurants that use kiosks see an average increase in sales of 10%. The study also found that customers who use kiosks are more likely to be satisfied with their dining experience

6 What are the benefits of having a QSR kiosk?

Introducing a QSR kiosk in a restaurant brings advantages to both the establishment and its customers. By utilizing the kiosk, customers no longer have to wait and can directly place their orders. Interacting with the kiosk creates a more relaxed and enjoyable experience for customers, as they can thoroughly explore the menu to select their desired meal. Furthermore, with the widespread acceptance of mobile payments, ordering through the kiosk becomes even more convenient for customers.

For the restaurant, kiosks contribute to an enhanced customer service experience. The absence of queues results in faster serving times, leading to greater customer satisfaction. Additionally, the use of kiosks often leads to larger order sizes. Customers feel at ease when browsing the menu and selecting their own meals, often opting to include beverages and additional add-ons through the kiosk. This, in turn, boosts the restaurant's revenue.

Moreover, implementing kiosks as sales channels allows QSRs to reduce operating costs, including labor expenses.

7 Is customization possible in QSR kiosks?

Yes, customization is possible in Panashi QSR kiosks. You can choose the design of your kiosk and we produce a white labelled kiosk of your preferred design for you.

8 What size of screen suitable in a QSR kiosk?

It is recommended to use a medium size touch screen for the QSR kiosks. 27-32 inch screen would be ideal.

9 Contactless payments are accepted in restaurant kiosks?

Yes, our kiosks equipped with all kind of payments including contactless payments. Besides, cash and contact payments are also accepted.

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