Slef Service HR Kiosk Project

HR Kiosk Project for Emirates Flight Catering

Emirates flight catering is a subsidiary of Emirates Airlines who provides in flight catering and support services to flight from all over the world. Their services include airline catering, airport F&B, VIP & private jet catering, food production and laundry.

Panashi provided self-service HR kiosks to Emirates Flight Catering through a subcontract given by AVSYS TECHNOLOGIES, a company working in Audio Visual Media based in Dubai. These kiosks facilitate HR documents printing including Salary Certificates, Pay Slips, NOC etc. The employees can apply for the HR services through the kiosk and once the approval is given, they can print the documents instantly from the kiosk.

hr kiosk project

emirates flight catering HR kiosk
  • Employees were approaching HR department individually and as a group that creates a crowd in the department.
  • Lack of HR personnel to cater these high number of employees.
  • Managing HR functions from a central office when Emirates Flight Catering have different facilities in different locations.
  • Self Service HR kiosks installed in Emirates flight catering is currently functioning as many touchpoints within the facility and across the facilities. Employees do not need to approach HR department anymore, instead they can simply go to the kiosk and create their request and get the letters issued.
  • HR department functioning streamlined and could reduce the HR personnel workload.
  • Efficiency of the entire department improved by catering more employee request per day by 30%
  • HR department could slash the cost per transactions by eliminating courier and other related charges
  • Unwanted delay in providing HR documents to employees