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Outdoor kiosk solution

Outdoor Kiosk Machines need to be built with special care and diligence as it has to survive from many adverse conditions. Panashi is one among the very few companies who provide top notch Outdoor Kiosks with state-of-the-art kiosk technology and 3 years of standard warranty.

Panashi Outdoor Kiosks withstands the extreme weather conditions such as very high & low temperature, humidity, rain & water, dust, sands in deserts, rust or corrosion, lightning and so on. Our outdoor kiosks provide an artistic glimpse of the design and engineering ingenuity. Our outdoor kiosks are aesthetically pleasing and very easy to use.

It is a cognizance of flush mounting functional modules to the outdoor kiosks including payment modules such as cash acceptors, cash dispensers, cash recyclers, coin acceptors, coin hoppers, coin recyclers, POS for card payment, card reader, pin pad, NFC and so on and Panashi team are experts on this. We take in to account the user convenience, operational convenience and maintenance convenience while designing and engineering our Outdoor Kiosks.

Our portfolio of Outdoor Kiosks includes fully outdoor and Semi Outdoor. Implementing services and features to our outdoor or semi outdoor kiosks are nowhere confined. As we do it in the case of Indoor kiosks, we develop and implement the services for outdoor and semi outdoor kiosks as well. These services including bill payments, ticket sales, donation and charity, information & wayfinding and so on.

outdoor kiosk
  • Outdoor Kiosks are IP65/IP67 rated
  • Special treated Outdoor material used Kiosk enclosure
  • Special outdoor treatment and painting ensures durability and sustainability of our outdoor kiosks
  • Up to 3 years of warranty
  • Very high brightness screens to make it visible even in the direct sunlight
  • Highly tempered G+F capacitive outdoor rated touch screens
  • Lightning protector
  • Intelligent cooling system with integrated temperature control unit. Under the outdoor environment of -30+50 degrees Celsius, the display screen will not be blackened, and the whole machine can work normally.
  • Air internal circulation, high-efficiency multi-layer filtration system, isolates harmful dust from entering the machine, and the protection level of the whole machine reaches IP65
  • Quality Control Tests - Water proof test, High temperature test, Solar radiation test, Aging test etc.

Panashi's Outdoor kiosks typically incorporate durable materials, weather-resistant enclosures, secure payment systems, touch screens etc.. to know more details about our kiosks please feel free to contact us.