How the inclusion of self-ordering kiosk transform restaurants!

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A whopping 60% of customers are coming back to restaurants where self-ordering kiosk are introduced! Why ?

Self-ordering kiosks are trending everywhere. Eateries want to reimagine their customer experience with technologies such as kiosks. Normally restaurants, especially fast foods have this long queues in their counter and cashier to be seen extremely busy and noisy. They would be busy to an extend they could finish it and jump to the next customer with no time. This is the scenario when the significance of Self ordering kiosk increases. Imagine a customer can walk straight up to a self-ordering kiosk and place his order conveniently. That is going to be a game changer for the restaurants. No more queues, no more waiting time, as simple as that.

McDonald’s was one of the first to go to self-ordering kiosk and are currently installing more and more kiosks in their outlets globally. According to Grandview Research and Tilster’s research, self-service kiosk sales rose 17.9% to more than $11.9 billion, and 65% of customers said they would be more willing to visit a restaurant if self-service kiosks were available.

self ordering kiosk

The major advantages of self-ordering kiosk are;

  • It makes customers feel free and autonomous which will result in higher order size
  • A memorable experience for customer with an intuitive and engaging screen designs
  • Highly cost effective and can reduce operational cost significantly
  • Prepared to take a leap in profit by introducing self-ordering kiosk
  • Easy and simplified process of order management
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Studies conducted by business schools found out customers have social friction and fear to be considered as silly by the counter clerk for wrong choices and queries. This stigma will go off when they interact with kiosks, and when place order, they tend to order more food pleasantly. Kiosk make the customer autonomous and they can go through the menu and add-ons which shall result in a bigger order size.

Self-order kiosk screens are very intuitive to provide a remarkable experience to customer. Screens are well portrayed with tempting food pictures which increase the appetite of the customer. The engagement with kiosk screen through soft touch, easy and user friendly menu options, quick and secure payment options and fast delivery are making the customers loyal to the restaurant.

Besides all of these, self-ordering kiosks are very cost effective. It will help to reduce operational cost significantly. Kiosks work 24/7 with no attention needed. It will accept the order and collect the payment from the customers seamlessly. If a few kiosks have been installed, the monotonous work of accepting orders and sending it to kitchen will be taken care by these kiosks and employees shall be utilized for other skilled works. The visa cost and other related expenses shall also be brought down by adapting self-service kiosks.

How the self-ordering kiosk works is, customer can go through the menu and can choose the meal they want to eat. Once the food been selected, kiosk shall prompt to make the payment. Customer can choose cash/card/voucher options as they like and proceed to payment. Once the payment is successful, customer will be given a receipt with an order number and this order will be fired to kitchen and the food will be processed immediately. Once the food is ready, customer shall be notified with order number by displaying on digital signage or something. Customer can enjoy the meal!

Panashi’s self-ordering kiosk is a complete solution with Kiosk hardware and software. Panashi can also customize the kiosk based on the requirement of the customer. It is sleek and very elegant kiosk solution that attracts attention and provide a remarkable customer experience. Through Panashi Self ordering kiosk, you can also be a technology leader in your area. Please contact us here and we would be very pleased to help.

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