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Panashi Self-service Kiosk solutions

In a world that experienced sudden lockdowns and restricted human interactions, the value of self-service became strikingly evident. Our cutting-edge self-service kiosk solutions and Smart hospital solutions play a crucial role in enabling our customers to continue their lives and businesses securely. By minimizing or eliminating the need for direct human interactions and interventions, our solutions empower individuals and organizations to adapt and thrive in a changing landscape. Whether it's facilitating seamless transactions, providing access to essential information, or optimizing operational efficiency, Panashi's innovative solutions ensure that daily tasks and processes can be carried out effectively while prioritizing safety and security. Experience the power of self-service with Panashi and embrace a future where technology seamlessly bridges the gap between physical limitations and human needs.

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self-service kiosk

Automate your payments and services with the help of our kiosk solutions. Panashi provide end to end solution including kiosk hardware, software, integration and implementation.

Our Solutions

Digital banking kiosk, smart hospital solutions, self-ordering restaurant kiosk, Telematics & fleet management and many more.

Hospital solutions

Hospital Solutions

PANASHI's smart hospital system transforms patient experiences through smart parking, self-service kiosks, indoor navigation, bedside terminals, and asset tracking. By harnessing machine learning and AI, care delivery is enhanced, resulting in seamless and efficient healthcare experiences for all.

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kiosk solutions

Kiosk Solutions

Automate your payments and services with the help of our kiosk solutions. Panashi provide end to end solution including kiosk hardware, software, integration and implementation. Kiosk solution would be one of the key area Panashi would be exploring more and more and we

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IOT solutions

IOT Solutions

In Telematics & fleet management, it is very vital to have real-time data and having a total vision of the transformational ecosystems to solve transportation issues before they become costly problems. With Panashi Fleet Management Solution (NIMBLE), you can achieve real-time

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Our Kiosk Solutions

Automate your payments and services with the help of our kiosk solutions

restaurant self-ordering kiosk solutions


Embrace our cutting-edge QSR kiosks and stand out in the crowded restaurant industry. These state-of-the-art self-service terminals enable restaurants to differentiate themselves, offering enhanced efficiency, convenience, and a seamless ordering experience that sets them apart from competitors.

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remittance kiosk solutions


As awareness grows, remittance kiosks are becoming increasingly popular and widely embraced for their convenient and efficient money transfer capabilities. More customers are choosing these kiosks as their preferred method for secure and hassle-free remittance transactions.

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digital banking kiosk solutions


Panashi revolutionizes the future of brick-and-mortar banking with its cutting-edge Smart Branch Solution. Offering a comprehensive, forward-looking, and technologically advanced ecosystem, Panashi enables banks to embrace the digital era while maintaining a physical presence.

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insurance kiosk solutions


Panashi's state-of-the-art insurance kiosk delivers unparalleled convenience for your customers. Available round the clock, this cutting-edge solution allows effortless access to services and seamless, swift payments, ensuring an unmatched experience in insurance transactions for customers.

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telecom self service machine


Revolutionize and elevate the customer experience with our Telecom Self Service Kiosk Solution. Empower customers to effortlessly manage their accounts, purchase plans, and resolve common issues while boosting operational efficiency and reducing costs for your telecom business

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government self service kiosk machine


Discover the power of our cutting-edge government kiosk solutions, crafted to deliver a contemporary self-service experience that perfectly aligns with the evolving needs of the digital era. Embrace the future and empower citizens with efficient, user-friendly access to government services.

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retail self service kiosk


Transform retail experiences with our innovative Retail kiosks. Empower customers for seamless shopping, effortless browsing, convenient purchases and quick payments. Elevate satisfaction, efficiency, and empowerment with our retail kiosk solutions.

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hr kiosk solution


Panashi's HR Self Service Kiosk revolutionizes human resources management, guaranteeing exceptional efficiency, substantial cost savings and precise accuracy. Moreover, it empowers employees with autonomy and granting them control over their HR-related tasks

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airport kiosk solutions


Experience enhanced convenience and efficiency with our airport check-in kiosks, revolutionizing your travel journey with a simple touch. Streamline the check-in process, save time, and embark on your travels with ease, all while enjoying a seamless and hassle-free airport experience.

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cinema ticket kiosk solutions


Embark on a thrilling adventure with our entertainment & Cinema kiosks, unlocking a universe of excitement and joy right at your fingertips. Instantly access a myriad of entertainment options, indulging in immersive experiences that bring endless fun and enjoyment into your life.

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charity kiosk solution


Panashi-powered automated charity kiosk accepts both cash and cashless donations making it highly convenient for a wide diversity of people. Install the charity kiosk machine at a suitable location and monitor the payments regularly.

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hospital solution


Patients want smooth hospital experiences now a days. They want the optimal use of the time that they spend in a hospital. Unfortunately, most hospital experiences are everything but this. With PANASHI smart hospital system, hospitals can completely transform the way

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